Our Strategy Is Based On Identifying The Best Fields Of Investment In The Food And Pharmaceutical Industries, Diamonds and Jewelry, Luxury Clothing, Tobacco Products, Real Estate Investments, Export Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables, And Providing Professional Consultations Around The World.

We evaluate promising investment opportunities in several areas and make investment in them.



We have investments in a number of countries in the manufacturing field and we are always looking for promising investment opportunities in the food, pharmaceutical, luxury clothing and tobacco industry, as we have investments in a number of countries in the world. Our priority is promising investment and sustainable development with the highest standards:

  • Food Products

  • Pharmaceutical Products

  • Luxury Clothes

  • Tobacco Products



We Have Investments With A Large Number Of Companies That Work In The Manufacture Of Diamond And Gold Jewelry. We Are Very Interested In Investing In Rare And Colored Diamonds And Circulating Them In International Fairs And Auctions On A Regular Basis. We Have A Network Of Relationships With Gold And Diamond Trading Companies, Through Which We Specialize In Trading:

  • Making Diamond Jewelry (In Others)

  • Trade In Rare And Colorful Diamonds Around The World

According To The Highest Standards:



We Invest In Distinguished Real Estate Projects Around The World And We Are Passionately Looking For A Promising And Guaranteed Investment Opportunity To Achieve Our Aspirations, As We Have Investments In Several Real Estate Companies That Perform The Following Contracting Works:

  • Residential Villas​

  • Malls

  • Hotels​

  • Offices



We Have Investments In Several Agricultural Companies That Carry Out The Export Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Around The World In A Way, Most Of The Companies Importers Are Major Companies Marketing Fresh Vegetables And Fruits In The Middle East, East And West Asia :

  • Exporting Fresh Fruits

  • Exporting Fresh Vegetables



Fupr Consulting specializes in joint ventures. Over the years, we have developed several successful Business deals by leveraging the strengths of strategic partners. Whether its financial prowess, experience or market knowledge, each member contributes and helps create a more successful venture.​ We believe a successful joint venture effectively aligns the incentives of all the partners involved. The agreement should be fair, clear, and forward-looking. Our experience with joint venture development benefits the partners in the entity by eliminating conflicts before they start.

  • HR Consulting

  • Joint Ventures 

  • Business Services

  • Partnering

  • Alliances

  • Agent & Distributor Services

  • Marketing & Sales

  • International Agreements

  • Public Relations