​The Investment Philosophy At Fupr Global Is Derived From The Extensive Experience Of Its Portfolio Management Team Members. The Philosophy Uses A Dynamic Combination Of Top-down And Bottom-up Approaches With Emphasis On Either Approach Changing From Time To Time. This Allows Fupr Global To Benefit From Changing Market Conditions.

Bottom-up Approach Involves Fundamental Research Conducted By The Dedicated Buy Side Research Team.

Significant Emphasis Is Laid On Company Management Meetings, Constructing Financial Models And Having In-house Evaluations.

Fundamental View Of The Research Team Is Supported By Technical Analysis To Determine Timing Of Investments. This Approach Leads Us To Optimal Security Selection Decisions.

Top-down Approach Encompasses Study Of Regional And International Fundamental Economic Indicators, Outlook On Sectors And Study Of Geo-political Factors.

It Also Involves Looking At Market Factors Like Volumes, Volatility, Investors’ Behavior Etc.  

This Approach Leads Us To Optimal Asset Allocation Decisions.